ARCUS offers a technology that makes the plastics circular economy possible by technologically linking the waste management industry with the petrochemical industry. Waste that is currently used for energy or not at all becomes valuable products for petrochemical production. These products are the basis for the creation of new plastics.


Robust waste treatment process

  • The shredded and compacted plastic waste is mixed with an inert carrier and aggregates. The addition of aggregates enables the processing of even difficult plastics, as well as the reduction of undesirable contaminants in the product oil.
  • The mixture is then pyrolyzed in a pyrolysis reactor.
  • The special reactor type / and furnace combination allows the setting of a precisely defined pyrolysis to process even complicated plastic mixtures, as well as the targeted positive influence on the properties of the pyrolysis products.
  • Critical plant components are designed in a redundant configuration. This allows safe operation and at the same time performance evaluation of individual designs with the aim of maximizing availability and efficiency.
  • High-quality gas from the ARCUS process will initially be utilized in a gas engine to supply the entire process with heat and electricity (energy autonomous).
  • Measurement technology: more than 600 measurement points and 0.5 GB of data per day.


  • Input 4000 t/a
  • Output 2500 t/a

Permitting and certification situation:

  • Approval according to §4 BImSchV
  • Liquid products are REACH certified
  • Approval as a waste management company (EfbV)
  • Processes and plant certified according to ISCC+ and RedCert2


  • Flexible and robust in terms of waste composition and contamination level
  • Fully electrical operation and thus prepared for Net-Zero or Positive
  • Complete balancing possible
  • Minimum primary energy demand and circulation of operating resources
  • Redundant execution critical units
  • Several thousand hours of operating experience

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