Our vision

ARCUS Greencycling Technologies GmbH is a German company that develops and offers a breakthrough solution to address the environmental challenges of mixed plastic waste disposal.

We focus on mixed plastic waste without additional sorting of residues from mechanical recycling, providing a complementary and additional solution for complex waste streams (including ABS, PET and PVC) that meets all regulatory requirements. The ARCUS process produces high quality liquids (ARCUS liquid pyrolysis oil condensates) for the petrochemical industry. High-quality gas from the ARCUS process is used in a combined heat and power (CHP) plant to supply heat and power to the entire process(energy autonomy).

ARCUS has developed the first technology truly capable of closing the plastic loop and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of plastics by diverting valuable mixed plastic waste streams from incineration, thus contributing to the circular economy. Along the plastics value chain, our potential customer groups are open and waiting for new waste treatment solutions. We target two main markets: INPUT (solution for plastic waste) and OUPUT (solution for alternative raw materials).

ARCUS in a nutshell: We are closing the plastics loop on the way to a "Net-Zero-Economy".


We work every day on the future of recycling

As a technological pioneer in recycling, we want to ensure that less plastic waste is inefficiently thermally recycled and thus pollutes our environment. By combining mechanical and chemical processes, we aim to close the plastic cycle and thus achieve the goals of a sustainable circular economy in Germany.

We focus on innovation and progress made in Germany

We are a leader in providing a chemical recycling solution for currently non-recyclable mixed plastic waste streams. Germany's first industrial-scale pyrolysis plant is located at Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt am Main. Our plant processes about 4,000 metric tons of mixed plastic waste annually.